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Effishine Quick-Connect Hose Set

Effishine Quick-Connect Hose Set

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Effishine Quick-Connect Hose Set

Seamless Connection for Your Effishine Water Softener

The Effishine Quick-Connect Hose Set is designed to provide an easy and reliable connection between your Effishine water softener and a high-pressure washer. This set includes a 1-meter hose equipped with quick-connect couplings and two threaded adapters, ensuring a secure and hassle-free attachment.

Package Includes:

  • 1 meter hose
  • 2pcs quick-connect couplings
  • 2pcs 3/4" threaded adapters for quick-connect couplings

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Effishine Quick-Connect Hose Set, ensuring a smooth integration of your water softener with high-pressure cleaning equipment. Perfect for achieving spotless results with minimal effort.

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