Can I use my system throughout the entire washing process?

Certainly. However, restricting the use of your system to the final rinse will prolong the interval before resin replacement is necessary. Check our "how many washes page" for detailed calculation of water production.

When should I replace the resin?

We advise changing the cartridges once the TDS meter reads above 0 ppm.

Deionized water systems outputs 0 ppm water, ensuring no spot-inducing residues remain on your work surface. The majority of our customers encounter no spots or damage between 1-10 ppm, and nearly all do not experience issues between 10-20 ppm.

Could the resin deteriorate if I leave my system unused for extended periods?

Yes, there's a chance. Extended periods of non-use may lead to the formation of algae, which can contaminate the resin. If you anticipate leaving the system idle for an extended period (60-90 days), we recommend removing the resin cartridges, allowing them to drip dry. Make sure to store your system where it will not freeze.

Is there an expiration date for the resin?

Yes, the resin typically remains effective for approximately one year before its efficacy starts to decline.

Will it damage my wax or ceramic coating?

No, it won't damage your wax, sealant or ceramic coating, and what's more, you won't need to worry over tiny scratches from drying with a towel or chamois!

What is your return policy?

Items returned within 30 days of purchase, in their original packaging, and without any signs of use or damage, qualify for a complete refund.

Do you provide spare parts?

Absolutely! Since we hand-assemble all our products, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts to promptly assist you in case you require a replacement.

Shipping & Inventory

We provide shipping across Europe using GLS. Shipping charges are based on your location and the weight of your order, calculated during checkout. Items in stock are shipped the following day, while those out of stock will be dispatched as soon as inventory is replenished.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept payments made through PayPal and credit cards.