How many washes...

"In most common scenario you will get  3000 litres or 60 washes from one set of cartridges."

Certainly, you're curious, and understandably so. You want to know how much spot-free water you can produce before cartridges must be replaced. The key factor that influences your system's efficiency is undoubtedly the hardness of the input water. Depending on your geographical location, the performance of your system may differ.

You can measure the hardness of water with our TDS meter, or you can check with your water supplier.
Sometimes, the water supplier states the hardness in °dH, not ppm.
Table below can be useful to convert the units.

Water hardness in most EU regions averages 200 ppm

Once you determine your water hardness, you can determine the volume of soft water your new Effishine device can generate before you have to change the cartridge.
The calculation of washes is predicated on the average high-end pressure washer, boasting a water flow rate of 8 litres per hour and a generous final rinse duration of 3 minutes.
Please check the table for the model of your interest.

In most common scenario you will get  3000 litres or 60 washes from one set of cartridges.

With typical water hardness, you can therefore wash your car weekly for over a year without needing to change the resin. Additionally, refraining from wiping the vehicle will not only save you at least 10 hours of laborious work but also prevent potential scratches.