Choosing a model...

Selecting the ideal Effishine deionization device is crucial for ensuring optimal water quality tailored to your specific needs. With several models available, each with unique features and applications, making the right choice requires careful consideration. Here's a guide to help you navigate through the available options:

DI12-ST Ultra Portable Deionizer:

  • Portability: Designed for mobility, this model comes with a lightweight stand and handle, making it ideal for use at home, on boats, in campers, and more.
  • Single Cartridge System: Featuring a single cartridge system, it offers convenience and ease of use for on-the-go water treatment needs.

DI12-W Wall Mounted Deionizer:

  • Space-Saving Design: Perfect for locations with limited space, this wall-mounted model provides efficient water purification without occupying valuable floor space.
  • Single Cartridge System: With a single cartridge system, it offers simplicity and reliability for fixed installations.

DI21-W Wall Mounted Deionizer:

  • Compact Height: Featuring a double cartridge system with reduced height, this model offers enhanced capacity while fitting into spaces with limited vertical clearance.
  • Double Cartridge System: Ideal for areas where extra purification capacity is needed, ensuring consistent water quality in compact environments.

DI22-ST Portable Deionizer:

  • Maximum Capacity: Designed for demanding applications, this model features a double cartridge system suitable for handling extra hard input water.
  • Premium Mobility: Equipped with a lightweight black anodized aluminum cart with wheels and a handle, it ensures effortless mobility for spotless water wherever you go.

When choosing the right Effishine deionization device, consider factors such as your water quality requirements, installation environment, capacity needs, and maintenance preferences. By selecting the model that best aligns with your specific criteria, you can enjoy consistently pure and spotless water tailored to your needs.