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Plugs with brackets for DI12-ST

Plugs with brackets for DI12-ST

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Effishine Plugs with Brackets for DI12-ST

Prevent Water Leakage During Transport

Effishine Plugs with Brackets for DI12-ST are specially designed accessories to prevent water leakage during transport of your DI12-ST Portable Deionizer. These plugs securely seal the inlet and outlet ports of the deionizer, ensuring that no water leaks out during movement. The accompanying brackets provide convenient storage and easy access to the plugs when not in use, keeping them readily available whenever needed.

Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for Effishine DI12-ST Portable Deionizer
  • Prevents water leakage during transport
  • Includes brackets for convenient storage

Ensure worry-free transport of your Effishine DI12-ST Portable Deionizer with Plugs and Brackets, providing reliable protection against water leaks.

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