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Effishine DI22-RRC

Effishine DI22-RRC

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Effishine DI22-RRC Replacement Resin Cartridges

High-Performance Replacement for Your Effishine Deionizer

The Effishine DI22-RRC replacement resin cartridges are designed for use with both the Effishine DI22-W Wall Mounted Deionizer and the DI22-ST Portable Deionizer. Featuring a dual cartridge system, these cartridges provide maximum deionization capacity, ensuring your water remains spotless and pure for an extended period.

Package Includes:

  • 2 Effishine deionization resin cartridges

Product Dimensions:

  • Each cartridge: 509 x 110 x 110 mm
  • Each cartridge: 3.5 kg 

Maintain the high performance of your Effishine deionizer with our high-quality replacement resin cartridges. Suitable for both wall-mounted and portable models, they ensure the convenience of pure, deionized water wherever you need it.

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