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Effishine DI12-W

Effishine DI12-W

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Effishine DI12-W Wall Mounted Deionizer

The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution

The Effishine DI12-W is our advanced wall-mounted model, designed for those who need a compact solution where space is limited. Featuring a single cartridge system, it is ideal for locations where there isn't enough room to install a larger unit. The unit includes a white painted bracket for secure wall mounting.

Package Includes:

  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Single Effishine filter housing
  • 1 Effishine deionization resin cartridge
  • Filter changing wrench
  • Installed 3/4" threaded tap connector

Product Dimensions:

  • 660 x 200 x 180 mm
  • 7 kg

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Effishine DI12-W Wall Mounted Deionizer, your go-to solution for spotless water in compact spaces.

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